A pioneer in the field of Complementary medicine for three decades, Kathleen Rosenblatt co-founded the first clinic in the U.S. with her husband, Dr. Steven Rosenblatt, and the first five schools: the New England School of Acupuncture and the California Acupuncture College with four branches.

Kathleen manipulates the acupuncture energy pathways, the body's electrical conduits. This system of wiring acts as an interface between the simple molecular activity of the body and its complex organ systems. Acupuncture can revitalize and relax the nervous system, stimulate the metabolism, and establish a better hormonal balance.

Acupuncture involves altering (discharging) the electric charge in the muscles & nerves, sedating the pain sensors, and inducing an anti-inflammatory response. Blood circulation is improved with massage and gentle heat, including moxibustion or infra-red light which gently penetrates the tissue to reduce inflammation.(Needle-less treatment is available).

A special friction massage removes stagnant blood that is often sluggish in the muscle tissue causing that familiar ache and tightness that presses on the affected vertebral nerves. As the fresh blood flows in, this massage technique often produces immediate dramatic relief, creating a drainage effect in the pounding arteries of the head. Patients often report greater range of motion, enhanced mental focus, and more satisfying sleep.

If any one of the following exist---arthritis, damaged/herniated disc, or bone spurs, this treatment will also restore oxygen to the tissue, remove toxins, and begin to dissolve the mineral buildup.

Acupuncture improves faulty metabolism, a contributing factors in arthritis. Something is wrong when the minerals we ingest deposit themselves ON our joints instead of inside our bones and muscles.